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Sept 28th - Oct 3rd, 2021


If So - You've Found Your New Home!

We are pleased to offer you a Courtesy Pass to our Monday Masterclass where you will get your first taste of Kyyndr - the first heart-centered, advanced learning community for singles - where every week during multiple co-ed coaching Circles we sharpen our skills to cultivate deeper relationships and authentic connection skills in a safe, playful and respectful environment. It's about freakin' time, right?

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Learn High-Level Relationship Skills From Top Experts & Test Them Out Live!

Build Your Very Own "Team" of caring and curious "Wingbrothers" & "Wingsisters"

Set Your Bar Higher - as you meet and dive deep together with people who also aim higher.

What Members are Saying

About Kyyndr's Learning Experiences Day after Day!


"I had almost given up on people!

Not really, but you know what I mean. Everyone out there is barking at each other or trying to take advantage of each other. It's nasty and mean. Here, I've made friends for life and have learned more about myself - and about women!- than in all my years of. study and dating before. The Kyyndr Community is a treasure!"

- Robby D, Denver, CO


“This group has lifted my spirits...

I've finally met a group of incredible, like-minded, kind and loving people here. It has reassured me that there are good people in this world, men and women alike, who want to find inspired and inspiring partners...This group has lifted my spirits and allowed me to understand myself more fully. Such a soulful and wonderful group of people!"

- Michelle G., San Diego, Ca.

What You Gain With Kyyndr

Here You Find Both the Skills and The People You Want

A Community of Thoughtful Grown Ups Committed to Mastering Real, Authentic, Skilled, Happy, Evolved Relationships

The Kyyndr Community offers a happy and welcome alternative to the largely defensive, heart-constricted, dishonest, lonely, disembodied, nasty, stressful and emotionally painful social life lurking out there. Here, you get connection, support, great new ideas, answers to your questions and to meet a whole new level of considerate people to "have your back." Plus - hang out at our weekend happy hours just to kick back and get to know each other...

"How To Inspire Love"


Come Learn and Party With Us! 6 Packed Days on "How to Inspire Love" + Daily ONLINE Cocktail Parties!

A New Higher Level of Relating.

Skilled. Smart. Evolved.

How You Will Grow With Kyyndr

You Will Create Higher Level Connections Easily and Effortlessly

You Will Cultivate Confidence

& Openness

To speak from your depth and inspire the same in others. To ask for what you need and desire straight up. To stake your claim for happiness and to RAISE YOUR BAR in what you attract and what you require.

You Will Become Magnetic & Intriguingly Real

Through the small breakout groups, you will practice cutting through the common masks people wear out there - and stand out as an inspiration of playfulness, presence, delight, intrigue & surprise

You Will Gain Supportive Friends and Allies All Over the World

Finally! A FUN and SAFE space with supportive people! It's such a relief to have a whole community of Wingbrothers and Wingsisters to have your back! Get tons of feedback and ideas from them daily!

You Will Enter a World of High Level Potential Partners

Everyone here takes relationship skills seriously - and playfully. It's like a different world from common dating apps.

You Will Learn How to Evoke Loyalty, Passion & Devotion

There is no luck in relationships - there are only skills, skills, skills that attract the best and inspire the best. You will gain mastery.

You Will Enjoy Deep,

Lasting Relationships

You will find friends for life, here. Friends who truly come to know and care about you over time.

Break Out Of Your Bubble

Join our Autumn 2021 Online Super-Intensive!


Sept 28th - Oct 3rd, 2021

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+25 Experts

+ 5,000 Participants

5 Days of Training



+ 5,000 Participants


Days of Training

How Kyyndr Works

Deep, Kind Connection Experiences!


  • Meet & Learn From GLOBAL EXPERTS in Relationship and Personal Growth Mastery Skills

  • Privately Access Our High Level Coaches, Teachers and Therapists For Deeper Dives

  • Learn from Each Other Every Day!


  • Connect All Week and Grow Real, Supportive Relationships

  • Gain a Community of People Who Care About Your Happiness

  • Expand your World with New Friends and Allies - Maybe More!


  • Create Your Own Personal Profile to Connect With Other Members

  • Put Your New Hundreds of Wingbrothers and Wingsisters to work for you!

  • Never Settle for Shallow Relationships Again

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Our Structure

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Executive Team

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Owner & CEO, Economic

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Members' Real Experience!

Mastering Skilled, Happy, Grown-Up Relationships on the Daily!


“It has long been my fantasy...

that I could find a co-ed group like this, I have especially learned from this special breed of man, let's call him evolving, questing, bold. It is these voices that I feel the most profound connection with and love, love, love to hear from. Kyyndr is important work, a mighty and sacred mission."

- Elle B, Santa Barbara, CA


"I am so incredibly thankful for this KYYNDER experience!!!

Kyynder's unique co-ed groups were immediately welcoming, comfortable and fun. I have shared personal stories with the group that my closest friends don’t even know! This is how much I trust them and everyone here has returned that trust 1000x over."

- Heidi L., Ft Lauderdale FL


"It's like having dozens of wingmen and wingwomen by my side!

I can't imagine dating without this group anymore!"

- Oiza B, Ann Arbor, MI


"It's like a dream come true...

I didn’t grow up with sisters so there was so much I didn’t know. about women Now it’s like I have dozens and dozens of wise big sisters to tell me the secrets of how women actually work. The best investment in myself I've ever made.”

- Rodger. B, Boise ID

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